Business Succession Planning

Phoenix, Arizona Business Succession Planning

Ensuring your business weathers the transition

The attorneys at the offices of Charles F. Myers, PA work with all types of companies and other organizations to develop a plan of action that ensures continuity in the event of a change in ownership. These skilled attorneys strive to minimize the confusion and financial complications in these tumultuous times. Whether dealing with a large corporation or a small, family-owned business, the firm’s lawyers use their 45 years of combined experience to optimize transition as the reins are handed over to a new generation.

Securing your wealth

Building a business is hard to do, and that’s why the attorneys at the office of Charles F. Myers, PA will work diligently to make sure that all you have accomplished isn’t lost during a transitional period. Whether you are handing over your business to a trusted family member or to an outside buyer, they will ensure that your business and legacy remain intact. The attorneys at Charles F. Myers, PA are knowledgeable in all areas of business succession, including:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Taxation issues
  • Capital restructuring
  • Shareholder agreement issues
  • Successor issues
  • Wills and trusts
  • How insurance policies will change

It’s never too early to plan
No matter your age or how long your business has existed, planning ahead for business succession is a necessity. Taxes and discord can easily destroy a business during transition. Business succession is a complicated process that takes significant thought and time. But the skilled attorneys at the office of Charles F. Myers know how to identify simple solutions for the complex issues involved. The attorneys at Charles F. Myers, PA can assist you in formalizing your wishes to ensure the legacy of your business survives your retirement.

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